e Dreams: Dreaming Reality––Surrealism In Digital Media

This is a multi-media composed of the juxtaposition of various incongruous images. Ice walls on berry bushes form the backdrop of a North Hollywood neighborhood walk; the Entourage style photo of New Seers taken by Rolling Stone photographer, Heather Harris, is the creative property of this digital media artist.

On these ice-berry- walls are various New Seers posters. Here, rescaling to add miniature detail is the key. Poster images are warped to give the reality of wrapping around the concrete light post–– this post is a photo of the artists notebook drawing. Also extracted from the artists notebook is a sketch of a colorful surreal tree, which is placed in front of the large church house. The smudge tool blends the edges to give it a windy feel. Out of the photo of a church roof grows a (now obsolete) star sculpture. A photo of a swirling toy top with reduced opacity forms the mystical orb around the sculpture.The three doorways to the church are a midnight sky, a twilight sky and an afternoon sky, or winter, autumn & summer. There is a miniature mushroom world: a house, a church house (from downtown) and a court house. Not only was rescaling size necessary for this effect, but also distorting proportion due to the angle at which the source photos were taken.

Other elements include a rainbow sky photo shaped into a jumping dolphin with the erase tool, a giant proportioned transformed scale mushroom with a cathedral window warped to give it a 3D effect at the angle of the cap slant, and eyeballs taken from a photo of the band in front of a mural in Mexico. Arguably, the strangest element is the burning “Lords” fire in the sky. This was created by painting a glitter mural on a wall and using an effect on its photograph. The hovering face in the sky, created by use of a reduced opacity, serves as a watermark which gives the composition a hint of a strange electronic currency. Overall, the image’s division into thirds creates a cinematic effect. This mashup will probably be the inlay for the “e Lords” album in progress titled “Last Vintage”.


Ahhhh, yes… speaking of surreal: check out The Other by the New Seers. The album theme is the reality of dreaming. Download at no cost; donations accepted 😉