Self-Portrait Proposal

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I am off to create a selfie. Some kind of juxtaposition of images that tell a story… describe an order to my chaotic travels. Here it goes. And I chose these images to represent me in the collage because, well, they’re all pretty good masks and an image can never really represent self. Therefore I’m making a painting of sorts. The goal is to create a surreal landscape that is cohesive as a whole by using my many new photoshop skills 🙂

Since I am so insignificant in the face of the lonely infinite, I think my self-portrait should be comprised of everything that is not me or my likeness. But in the likely event that I am unable to solve that obtuse existential–mythic equation in artistic form, here’s my secondary proposal: (drumroll) …I shall create a portrait of myself with the images of my odyssey through the infinite; the remaining vestiges of surviving ghost pixels of my travel, lonely and peopled. I will use that remnant imagery of my travels to paint small brush strokes which reveal the larger me.