Surreal Self-Portrait

I did this backwards. But real art is non-linear.
This is what amazes me about art.

How do you throw a bunch of juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated elements together like shards of glass off the Empire State and they somehow land with some kind of order? Chaos theory? Snowflakes? What do you think?

Here’s what I mean.

I lay out these images: two of me singing, an oil painting––sort of a selfie of me as an old Chief, or the Indian in my head––, and a poster of my band the “Lords”, which is a study in chaos theory all by itself that should be called Occupy Book.

Then after I lay out those elements I step back and go: “Hmm… what a crazy mess! I should lay a photo of an erratic scribble doodle I made over the whole thing… that should tie it (the room) together”. LOL. And the wild thing is, really to my surprise, it does! I mean if you really look at it.

I didn’t shift any of the images around, and my scribble-doodle seems to be a prophesy etched in time; a map foretelling the day that the other elements would lilt into place! The contour of the arm, the mountains, the linear triangles forming the mic stand, the Chief’s regalia and on and on. Am I spelling it out too much? Do you see it? Do I need more therapy? Do you need to read more William Blake? Or is it a complicated binary sequence
incorporating all of the above questions? To me, art only produces questions. This self-portrait is certainly a multi-media full of question marks. But to me it’s clear that intention produces results when we let go of the outcome.

Did I accomplish my selfie proposal goals? Heck yeah I did! I mean, it was so esoteric, anyhow, that how could I miss?

––“Multi-medias are invariably sad comedies”