Movement Vid.–Hip hop and rap

It was fortuitous luck that I was able to enlist such great talent for this video!
The rapper in the vid. chased me down after he saw me directing a film shoot. He gave me his tracks; later I listened, was inspired and asked him if I could direct a video.
The actress is a philosophy major we met the day of the shoot. She was coming out of the library and I asked her if she wanted to be in a hip hop video. This is her first acting gig. She is very charismatic and the camera loves her.

Oh and the technical stuff… we dreamt it up and did it. It’s a song about leaving a mark so we played with the chalk board and dry erase board and used it like a green screen. Sped up the writing to match the music; turned the artist into several versions of himself: teacher and multiple students; created a graphic for a backdrop… etc. etc. lots of movement and all.